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About us


IT systems have undergone huge, revolutionary changes in recent years globally. More powerful and stable computers, faster and more reliable local network and data transfer technologies became available for everyone.

One of the most substantial changes is the wider spread of the integrated corporate management systems (ERP). The implementation and customization of these systems promoted by, advanced methods, equipments, and expanding services. These modern systems with their services are able to make a positive impact on each and every aspect of the life of the organizations, offering unprecedented opportunities, for the leadership of the various organizations and their specialized areas. So far, only large corporations and multinational companies were able to enjoy the benefits of these kinds of infrastructures.

What we can offer, is an alternate solution for small and medium size businesses. Organizations with different sizes and activities can find their right IT and ERP solutions, which meet their requirements, expectations and possibilities.

Nowadays, the different organization units are using separated standalone IT systems, which is not cost-efficient and slowing down the information transfer between them. Due to the heterogeneous, distinct systems, the compatibility problems are causing difficulties. The nature of the integrated IT management system can result significant improvements in organizing and coordination the different work processes, as well as in planning and strategic decisions.

Its effect on the organization is, of course, closely related to how comprehensive the information technology is used. If a corporate IT management system is only used in certain areas, in the company's operations, the impact will be moderate, however if it’s extended through out the organization, additional benefits will be gained.

The use of a highly-integrated corporate IT management solution, which merges a wide-range of different functionalities, is the summit of the technology which a company can have to support their activities. Therefore, the impact of this kind of consolidated solution on the organization will be very high.

Thank you for your interest in PCAP services. We are very much looking forward to meet you in the coming future to learn your needs and to prepare a specific offer to address them.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, or if we can assist you in any way.


Zoltán Csaba & Peter Morenth
Owners & Managing Directors